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Janibell Disposal Systems

Janibell Disposal Systems are premium receptacles designed to provide maximum efficiency and cost-savings. Each receptacle is extremely durable and odor-resistant, and ALL feature a hands-free foot pedal for sanitary, easy disposal of waste. The continuous liner system provides an economical solution for replacing trash bags, since each liner refill makes 30-50 bags. These bags can be cut to any length, so there is no waste.

Janibell Meets the Needs for Every Situation

Our selection of Janibell Disposal Systems is fit to meet the needs of any company or individual: ranging from extra odor-protective Janibell Diaper Pails up to nursing homes and doctor offices. See for yourself how Janibell is changing the way America tackles trash disposal today!

View our Janibell Introduction Video.

Janibell Diaper Pails Janibell Waste Disposal Systems
Janibell Adult Diaper Pails provide superior odor control and an efficient, zero-exposure diaper disposal system.
Janibell Waste Disposal Systems provide an economical, sanitary, and
exceptionally efficient solution for waste management in a variety of
Janibell Liner Refills
Janibell Liners are an efficient continuous liner system designed for use with Janibell Adult Diaper Pails and Janibell Waste Disposal Systems.