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“Thank you so much for your help! Your kind customer service was much appreciated as well.”
- Maria K.

"I really appreciated your quick and helpful response! This is the first time I've ever ordered from your company, but if this is an example of the customer service that you offer, I will definitely be a repeat buyer.”
- Shari G.

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Comfortline-Flip-Away-3/4-Tray   Comfortline Flip Away 3/4 Tray
NC93904   Comfy™ Wheelchair Anti-Tip Device
DD-GU30214-2   Commode EZ-Care Xtra Wide
DD-DU520-1209-1900   Commode Pail w/ Lid (7 qts)
DD-TF3240   Commode X-Large
Companion Scooter-CMGC221-0001   Companion 3-Wheel Electric Scooter - Arctic Blue
Companion Scooter-CMGC221-0002   Companion 3-Wheel Electric Scooter - Vermillion Red
Companion II Scooter-CMGC-0001   Companion II 3-Wheel Electric Scooter - Arctic Blue
Companion II Scooter-CMGC-0002   Companion II 3-Wheel Electric Scooter - Vermillion Red
Companion-II-Scooter-CMGC-0001   Companion II 4-Wheel Electric Scooter - Arctic Blue
CM-21025   Complete Medical Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
DD-RBB158-01   Composite Bathtub Transfer Bench
HC-9166400   Confetti Fritz Handle Ladies Cane
XP-LLRT3036   Confidence Ultima Disposable Bed Pads (30 x 36") - Case of 60
Contoured-Tall-Ette-Elevated   Contoured Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat
Cooler-Bag   Cooler Bag
DD-IN6290   Court-Side Glides
HC-9004337   Crook Cane for the Blind
HC-CROOKSWORD   Crook Handle Sword Cane (3 Options)
HC-9140500   Crook Horse Head Molded Cane
HC-9140800   Crook Russian Hound Head Molded Cane
HC-9139200   Crown Jewel Nite Stick Cane
NC28649   Curved Bath Brush
HC-9130100   Dachshund Dog Head Molded Cane
DD-DU541-5070-0000   Deluxe Bed Pan
Down-Under-Wheelchair-Bag   Deluxe Down-Under! Wheelchair Bag (3 Colors)
Deluxe-Elastic-Shoelaces   Deluxe Elastic Shoelaces - 2 Pairs
Deluxe-Elastic-Shoelaces-Bulk   Deluxe Elastic Shoelaces-½ lb. Bulk
DD-DU599-8193-0255   Deluxe Framed Page Magnifier
Deluxe-Hooded-Cart-Liners   Deluxe Hooded Grocery Cart Liners
DD-DU540-8085-0000   Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer
NC28841   Deluxe Prism Glasses
DD-DU1580   Deluxe Shower Massager w/ Extra Long Hose
NC28222   Deluxe Suction Bottle Brush
NC94205   Deluxe Transfer Board
DD-RBB152-11   Deluxe Vinyl Padded Transfer Bench with Cut Out and Commode Pail
DD-RBB150-11   Deluxe Vinyl Padded Transfer Bench with Full Seat
DEPEND-WOMEN-MAX-UNDERWEAR   Depend Maximum Underwear for Women
MCK-91853100   Depend Super Plus Adjustable Underwear - Large/X-Large (Case of 48)
MCK-DEPENDSMAXMENPULLUPS   Depends Maximum Absorbency Pull Ups for Men
McK-Depends-Max-Briefs   Depends Maximum Fitted Briefs
McK-91833100   Depends Refastenable Underwear - Case of 72
HC-9140238   Derby Bull Dog Head Ivory Cane
HC-9140200   Derby Bull Dog Head Molded Cane
HC-9140231   Derby Bull Dog Head Molded Horn Cane
HC-9140738   Derby Double Horse Head Ivory Cane
HC-9140700   Derby Double Horse Head Molded Cane
HC-9151400   Derby Fish Molded Cane
HC-9140431   Derby Horse Head Molded Horn Cane
HC-9151500   Derby Mule Head Molded Cane
HC-9140138   Derby Schnauzer Dog Head Ivory Cane
HC-9140100   Derby Schnauzer Dog Head Molded Cane
HC-9140131   Derby Schnauzer Dog Head Molded Horn Cane
HC-1075218   Derby Shoe Horn - 29"
CM-2667   Diabetic 100% Cotton Socks
CM-2667E   Diabetic 100% Cotton Socks - Black - X-Large
Digital-Stimulators   Digital Bowel Stimulator and Suppository Inserter (Sold Individually)
XP-SD   Discovery Trekking Swim Diaper
HC-9111708   Dolphin Derby Chrome Handle Cane
CM-EN19   Door Knob Gripper
CM-10621   Door Knob Turners
Dr.-Joseph-Footbrush   Dr. Joseph's Original Footbrush
DressEZ-Senior-Aid   DressEZ Long Handle Shoehorn and Dressing Aid
Dressing-Stick   Dressing Stick (2 Lengths)
HAR-HE-DEHUMID   Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
NC35292   Drink Thing
DD-IN9669   Drop Arm Commode
HAR-HC-DSD   Dry Spot Dehumidifier
DD-RBB203-00   Dual Level Bathtub Safety Rail
HC-9130338   Duck Head with Glass Eye Ivory Cane
HC-9130300   Duck Head with Glass Eye Molded Cane
HC-1075202   Duck Shoe Horn - 22"
Dycem-Nonslip-Jar-Openers   Dycem Nonslip Jar Openers (Standard or Small)
NC91350   E-Z Clean Gait Belt
DD-RBB305-00   E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
E-Z-Lock-Raised-Toilet-Seat   E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat
NC28707   E-Z Reach Bowel Management Tool Combo
HC-9019200   Eagle Head Alpacca Silver Cane
HC-9130400   Eagle Head with Glass Eye Molded Cane
HAR-HC-EARGEAR   Ear Gear Hearing Instrument Protectors
DD-DU521-1609-1900   Easy Grip Adjustable Tub Bar
CM-EN11   Easy Opener
CM-10547   Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle
Easy-Slide-Shoehorn   Easy Slide Shoehorn
NC28600   Easy-Pull Sock Aid
DD-NV9010   Economy Adjustable Bench w/out Back
NC24596   Economy Coated Commode
NC28945   Economy Elevated Toilet Seat
NC28324   Economy Hand-Held Shower Head
Heavy-Duty-Transfer-Board   Economy Heavy Duty Transfer Board
NC94103   Economy Lap Tray
DD-GU98308A   Economy Non-Padded Transfer Bench
NC28224   Economy Suction Brush
Economy-Transfer-Bench   Economy Universal Transfer Bench
NC92025   Economy Wedge Cushion
NC28887   Economy Wheelchair Bag
NC24593   Edge Shower Stool
Egg-Crate-Wheelchair-Pad   Egg Crate Wheelchair Pad
HC-9113706   Egg Shaped Solid Brass Handle Cane with a Concealed Compartment
HC-9152208   Eight Ball Nite Stick Cane
Elastic-Shoelaces   Elastic Shoelaces - 2 Pairs
Elastic-Shoelaces-Bulk   Elastic Shoelaces - ½ lb. Bulk
HC-9765000   Elegant Ebony Wood Cane
NC34216   Elevated Toilet Safety Seat
DD-GU30250   Elevated Toilet Seat
DD-DU520-1247-1900   Elevated Toilet Seat Foam Cushion
Elevating-MAS-Kit   Elevating MAS Kit
NC28966-1   Elongated Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
DD-DU522-1504-1900   Elongated Toilet Riser with Molded-In Arms
DD-RBB306-00   Elongated Toilet Seat Elevator
HC-9016600   English Hazelwood Natural Wood Crook Cane
Ensure   Ensure Complete Balanced Nutrition Drink (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry)
Ensure-High-Protein   Ensure High Protein (Vanilla and Chocolate)
Ensure-Plus   Ensure Plus (Vanilla,Chocolate, Strawberry, and Butter Pecan)
MCK-75002600   Ensure Powder - Vanilla
Ensure-Pudding   Ensure Pudding 12 Four-Packs/Case (48/Case) (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Butterscotch)
Advantage-Wheelchair   Everest & Jennings Advantage Wheelchair (Swing-Away Footrest or Elevating Legrest)
Traveler-HD-Wheelchair   Everest & Jennings Traveler HD Wheelchair (Multiple Customization Options)
Exercise-Balls-CM9214   Exercise Balls
Exercise Balls- CM9213-0001   Exercise Balls - Blue (30")
Exercise Balls- CM9213-0002   Exercise Balls - Green (26")
Exercise Balls- CM9213-0003   Exercise Balls - Red (22")
Exercise Balls- CM9213-0004   Exercise Balls - Silver (34")
Exercise Balls- CM9213-0005   Exercise Balls - Yellow (18")
HC-EXOTICHOSPITALWOODCANES   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes (5 Color Options)
HC-9038208   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Black - 14K Gold Band
HC-9038108   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Black - Sterling Silver Band
HC-9038218   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Castania - 14K Gold Band
HC-9038118   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Castania - Sterling Silver Band
HC-9038216   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Ebony - 14K Gold Band
HC-9038116   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Ebony - Sterling Silver Band
HC-9038220   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Malacca - 14K Gold Band
HC-9038120   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Malacca - Sterling Silver Band
HC-9038217   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Rosewood - 14K Gold Band
HC-9038117   Exotic Hospital Wood Crook Canes - Rosewood - Sterling Silver Band
CM-10654   Expandable Door Hinge
Extended-Utensils   Extended Utensils
DD-RBB161-00   Extension Legs
NC28955-2   Extension Legs
NC91377   Extra Secure Wheelchair Belt
DD-RBB355-11   Extra Wide Commode
HC-9767908   Extra Wide Derby Handle Black Bariatric Cane
HC-9767907   Extra Wide Derby Handle Walnut Bariatric Cane
HC-9769208   Extra Wide Ergonomic Derby Handle Black Bariatric Cane
HC-9769207   Extra Wide Ergonomic Derby Handle Walnut Bariatric Cane
NC94234   EZ Adjust Bed Rail
EZ Assist Reachers   EZ Assist Reachers (2 Lengths)
EZ-Assist-Reacher   EZ Assist Reachers (2 Lengths)
NC85113   EZ-ACCESS Rubber Threshold Ramp - 1½" Rise
NC85114   EZ-ACCESS Rubber Threshold Ramp - 2½" Rise
NC85103   EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Ramps - 3ft
NC85104   EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Ramps - 4 ft
NC85105   EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Ramps - 5 ft
NC85108   EZ-ACCESS Suitcase Ramps - 8 ft
NC85115   EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramp
DD-HCTHRESH3   EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramp3
NC85110   EZ-ACCESS TrackRamp
DD-HCB1000   EZ-Bathe Inflatable Tub w/ Accessories
DD-GU30400-4   EZ-Care Shower Chair w/ Back
DD-HCSHAMTRAYDB   EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray
DD-HCB1005DB   EZ-Shampoo Tray, Inflatable
HC-9154011   Fair Maiden Chrome Plated Cane
HC-9154008   Fair Maiden Solid Brass Cane
HC-9167200   Fall Harvest Ladies Derby Cane
HC-9788600   Fauxsett Anthracite Cane
HC-9788700   Fauxsett Maple Cane with Walnut Finish
FeatherLite-Reachers   FeatherLite Reachers (3 Lengths)
DD-DU541-5068-0000   Female Urinal
HC-9169600   Fern Ladies Derby Cane
5-Section-Blind-Folding-Cane   Five Section Blind Folding Cane
Flex-O-Lace Shoelaces   Flex-O-Lace Shoelaces
Flip-Away-Armrest   Flip Away Armrest
Flip Away Armrest NC94140   Flip Away Armrest - Left - Narrow
Flip Away Armrest NC94138   Flip Away Armrest - Left - Wide
Flip Away Armrest NC94141   Flip Away Armrest - Right - Narrow
Flip Away Armrest NC94139   Flip Away Armrest - Right - Wide
NC94123   Foam Elev/Arm Tray Insert (2)
Foam-Handle-Shoehorn   Foam Handle Shoehorn
NC38003   Folding Arm Sling Frame
FLC-80   Folding Luggage Carrier
NC24590   Folding Shower Seat
NC32220   Folding Shower Seat
NC28579   FootFunnel
NC38055   Forearm Support Slide (For Use in MAS System)
HC-9138100   Formal Alpacca Silver Cap Cane
HC-9138200   Formal Alpacca Silver Octagon Cane
HC-9138300   Formal Embossed Alpacca Silver Cane
DD-RBP705-C0   Fracture Bed Pan
DD-DU541-5074-0000   Fracture Bed Pan, Individual
NC94254   Freedom Grip
Friction-Feeder-MAS-Kit   Friction Feeder MAS Kit (Original)
HC-9765500   Fritz Amber Acrylic Handle Cane
NC24030   Full Page Magnifier
NC94231   Furniture Risers (4)
Gait-Transfer-Belts   Gait Transfer Belts

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