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“Thank you so much for your help! Your kind customer service was much appreciated as well.”
- Maria K.

"I really appreciated your quick and helpful response! This is the first time I've ever ordered from your company, but if this is an example of the customer service that you offer, I will definitely be a repeat buyer.”
- Shari G.

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HC-8100101   Rope Cane Straps - Purple
HC-8100102   Rope Cane Straps - Red
HC-8100103   Rope Cane Straps - Tan
DD-RBB600-11   Round Shower Stool
DD-TF4300/2   Round Shower Stool
HC-9167800   Royal Paisley Ladies Derby Cane
CM-ROYALTY100   Royalty 100 Pill Dispenser
HC-9783600   Ruby Pearl Acrylic Handle Cane
HC-9140600   Russian Hound L Shape Italian Molded Cane
HC-9760200   Rustic Oak Natural Wood Crook Cane
HC-1075215   Saddle Shoe Horn - 29"
NC28911   Safety Treads
SafetySure-Pivot-Disc   SafetySure Pivot Disc
HC-9123000   Sassafras Wood Natural Hiking Staff
HC-9903319   Scorched Applewood Round Nose Laminated Hospital Cane
HC-9763800   Scorched Chestnut Spiral Cane
HC-9720400   Scorched Fritz Handle Bamboo Cane
HC-9761409   Scorched Hardwood Fritz Handle Cane
HC-9903307   Scorched Walnut Round Nose Laminated Hospital Cane
DD-MDH75351-0000   Scrubbies Round 1/box
HC-9169200   Sea Foam Ladies Derby Cane
NC94102   See-Thru Work Tray
MCK-80841400   Selan Barrier Cream with Zinc Oxide - 4oz Tube
NC28726   Self Wipe Bathroom Aid
HAR-HC-IS410   Sennheiser IS 410 Infrared Stereo TV Amplifying System
HAR-HC-SET830   Sennheiser Set 830 Infrared Stereo TV Amplifying System
HAR-HC-SET830S   Sennheiser Set 830 S Infrared Stereo TV Amplifying System
HAR-HC-SET840   Sennheiser Set 840 Radio Frequency Stereo TV Amplifying System
HAR-HC-SET840S   Sennheiser Set 840 S Radio Frequency Stereo TV Amplifying System
HAR-HC-SET900   Sennheiser Set 900 Infrared Personal and TV Amplifier System
HAR-HC-HC100   Serene HC-100 Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner
HAR-HC-CL60A   Serene Innovations CL-60A Amplified Phone with Answering Machine
HAR-HC-CL60P   Serene Innovations CL-60P Amplified Photo Dial Phone
HAR-HC-CL65   Serene Innovations CL-65 Amplified Phone
HAR-HC-RENEW   Serene Innovations Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener
HAR-HC-TV95   Serene Innovations TVDirect TV-95 Amplifying System
NC28335-1   Shampoo Aide - Extenders (only)
Shampoo-Aide   Shampoo-Aide
HC-SHINYCHROMEDERBYCANE   Shiny Chrome Derby Cane - Left or Right Handed
HC-9763200   Shiny Chrome Derby Cane - Left or Right Handed - Left
HC-9763100   Shiny Chrome Derby Cane - Left or Right Handed - Right
Shoe-Buttons   Shoe Buttons
NC24553   Shoe Remover
NC28709   Short Toilet Aid
DD-NV8800   Shower Chair/ Commode w/ 4" Wheels
CM-1927   Side Pocket Bed Tray
HC-9051811   Silver D Handle Cane
HC-4572600   Silver Duck Rustic Shoe Horn - 21"
HC-4574600   Silver Duck Shoe Horn - 22" Long
HC-9139800   Silver Golf Ball Nite Stick Cane
HC-1075217   Silver Stallion Black Shoe Horn - 22"
HC-4572500   Silver Stallion Rustic Shoe Horn - 21"
ILA-856790   Silver Tone Braille Watch with White Face
CM-7371   Sitz Bath
DD-RBP708-00   Sitz Bath
6-Section-Blind-Folding-Cane   Six Section Blind Folding Cane
Skil-Care-Sliding-Arm-Support   Skil-Care Sliding Wheelchair Arm Support
HC-9012000   Slashed Nose Alpacca Silver Cane
SALK-ECONOMY-UNDERPADS   SleepDri Economy Reusable Underpads
Slo-Foam   Slo-Foam
Smart-Cart   Smart Cart Folding Cart
HC-9167400   Snake Skin Ladies Derby Cane
CM-37762   Snap-n-Save Sliding Tub Mounted Swivel Seat
NC38335   Soaper Sponge
Soft-Sock-Starter   Soft Sock Starter (2 Sizes)
HC-9786200   Soft Touch Grey Tease Cane
HC-9766400   Soft Touch Silver and Black Gradient Cane
ILA-70010000300   Solar Battery Charger (1.2-1.5 V)
HC-9111908   Solid Brass Alligator with Black Shaft Cane
HC-9111907   Solid Brass Alligator with Walnut Shaft Cane
HC-9114008   Solid Brass Dog Head with Black Shaft Cane
HC-9114007   Solid Brass Dog Head with Walnut Shaft Cane
HC-9112108   Solid Brass Duck Head with Black Shaft Cane
HC-9112107   Solid Brass Duck Head with Walnut Shaft Cane
HC-9112808   Solid Brass Eagle Head with Black Shaft Cane
HC-9112807   Solid Brass Eagle Head with Walnut Shaft Cane
HC-9112608   Solid Brass Horse Head with Black Shaft Cane
HC-9112607   Solid Brass Horse Head with Walnut Shaft Cane
HC-9153408   Solid Brass Hound Dog Cane
HC-9113007   Solid Brass King Cobra Head with Walnut Shaft Cane
HC-9113008   Solid Brass King Cobra with Black Shaft Cane
HAR-SA-SBJ525SS   Sonic Bomb Jr SBJ525ss Travel Alarm Clock
HAR-SA-SB1000V   Sonic Boom SB1000V Alarm Clock
HAR-SA-SB200SS   Sonic Boom SB200ss Travel Alarm Clock
HAR-SA-SB300SS   Sonic Boom SB300ss Alarm Clock
HAR-SA-SBD375SS   Sonic Boom SBD375ss Dual Alarm Clock
HAR-SA-SBR350SS   Sonic Boom SBR350ss Alarm Clock
DD-TF4322WR   SpaceSaver™ Foldable Bath Bench
SPIL-PRUF-Urinals   SPIL-PRUF Urinals (Men's and Women's)
NC28218   Spill-Not Jar Holder
HC-9105400   Spiral Bulb Top Cane
HC-9105500   Spiral Derby Cane
HC-9105700   Spiral L-Shaped Cane
HC-9105600   Spiral Shepard Crook Cane
HC-9105000   Spiral Stag Horn Cane
DD-GU98240   Splash Guard
DD-RBB363-00   Splash Guard
CM22125   Sports Extra Long Adjustable Foam Handle
NC35789   Spreadboard
HC-9130705   Stag Horn Handle Cane
Stainless-Steel-Food-Guard   Stainless Steel Food Guard
Stainless-Steel-Shoehorn   Stainless Steel Shoehorn
NC28715   Stand Mirror
NC28925   Standard Drop Arm Commode
NC89521   Standard Ice Pick
NC28966-2   Standard Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
Star-Cushions   Star Cushions
HC-9139100   Starburst Rose Nite Stick Cane
HC-9139300   Starburst Rose Nite Stick Cane
Static-Knee-Spreader-w/Mirror   Static Knee Spreader w/ Mirror
DD-DU640-8174-1900   Steel Shoe Horn
HC-9019011   Sterling Silver Bulb Nose Crook Cane
HC-9012511   Sterling Silver Fritz Cane
HC-9019711   Sterling Silver L-Shaped Cane
HC-9019911   Sterling Silver Ladies Cap Cane
HC-9138411   Sterling Silver Men's Cap Cane
HC-9019411   Sterling Silver T-Shaped Cane
NC28233   Straight Swedish Kitchen Knife
NC28333   Suction Denture Brush
NC28225   Suction Emery Board
DD-RBB157-C0   Suction Tips Attachments
Suction-Tub-and-Shower-Bars   Suction Tub and Shower Bars
SuitcaseRamp-Signature-Series   Suitcase Ramp Signature Series
MCK-45312400   SunMark Green Lancets (100/Box) - 1.5 mm Blade with 1.8 mm Depth
MCK-45222400   SunMark Orange Lancets (100/Box) - 21G Needle with 2.2 mm Depth
McK-79304209   SunMark Performance Wheelchair Footrest
SunMark-Performance-Wheelchair   SunMark Performance Wheelchair(Swing-Away Footrest or Adjustable Legrest)
MCK-45322400   SunMark Pink Lancets (100/Box) - 1.5 mm Blade with 2.3 mm Depth
MCK-64182400   SunMark Purple Lancets (100/Box) - 28G Needle with 1.8 mm Depth
MCK-45212400   SunMark Yellow Lancets (100/Box) - 26G Needle with 1.8 mm Depth
SuperPole-System   SuperPole System
Supinator   Supinator (For Use with MAS System)
SuprVision-Magnifier   SuprVision Magnifier
NC35244   SureFit Clear Food Guard
SureFit-Plastic-Food-Guard   SureFit Plastic Food Guard
SurgiLance-Safety-Lancets   SurgiLance Safety Lancets 100/Box
Suspension-MAS-2   Suspension MAS #2 (For Use in MAS System)
NC38005   Suspension Rod #1 (For Use in MAS System)
NC38004   Suspension Sling #3 (For Use in MAS System)
NC28238   Swedish Bread and All-Around Knife
NC28502   Swedish Cutting Board
NC28624   Swedish Folding Stocking Aid
NC28425   Swedish Fork-Knife
NC28239   Swedish Steak Knife
Swift Shower Chair/ Stool   Swift Shower Chair/ Stool
NC29003   Swivel Cushion - Fleece
NC29001   Swivel Cushion - Gray
SynGuard-Nitrile-Gloves   SynGuard Nitrile Examination Gloves
Table-Mount-MAS-Kit-Oiginal   Table Mount MAS Kit (Original)
Tall-ette III Arthro Toilet   Tall-ette III Arthro Toilet Seats
HC-9003206   Tan Round Nose Hospital Crook Canes
HC-9903206   Tan Round Nose Laminated Thick Hospital Crook Cane
CM-7064   Tap Bell
HAR-HC-AUD022   Tech-Care Ear Wax Removal Kit
HAR-HC-HAWIPES   Tech-Care Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes
NC28721   Telescoping Self-Examination Mirror
37003100-Tena-Air-Flow-U-Pads   Tena Air Flow Underpads (23"x36") Case/60
61893100-Tena-Bariatric-3XL   Tena Bariatric Briefs 3X-Large - 64"-95" Waist - Case of 32
62903100-Tena-Belted-One-Size   Tena Belted Undergarment - Case of 120
Tena-Classic-Briefs   Tena Classic Briefs (Medium - X-Large)
TENA-Pre-Moistened-Wipes   Tena Classic Wipes
TENA-Comfort-Pants   Tena Comfort Pants (Small - 3XL+Bariatric)
23143100-Tena-Day-Light-Pads   Tena Day Light Pads - Case of 144
26143100-Tena-Day-Plus-Pads   Tena Day Plus Pad - Case of 80
24143100-Tena-Day-Regular-Pads   Tena Day Regular Pads Case of 92
74993100-Tena-Dry-Wipes   Tena Dry Wipes - Case of 1000
Tena-Flex-Maxi   Tena Flex Maxi Briefs
TENA-Flex-Super-Briefs   Tena Flex Super Briefs
MCK-64383101   Tena Flushable Washcloths (45-pack)
64383100   Tena Flushable Washcloths (Case of 540)
56003100-Tena-For-Men-Case   Tena For Men - Case of 120
MCK-35993100   Tena Insta-Dri Air Underpads Case of 70
Tena-Knit-Pants   Tena Knit Pants
TENA-LIGHT-Pads   Tena Light Pads
Tena-Men-Super-Plus-Underwear   Tena Men Super Plus Protective Underwear
27143100-Tena-Night-Super-Pads   Tena Night Super Pads 48/case
TENA-Prot-Underwear-Extra   Tena Protective Underwear Extra (Small - X-Large)
Tena-Women-Cotton-Underwear   Tena Protective Underwear for Women - Super Plus Absorbency
Tena-Protective-Underwear-Plus   Tena Protective Underwear Plus Absorbency
Tena-Protective-Underwear-Reg   Tena Protective Underwear Regular
TENA-Mens-Super-Plus-Prot-Und   Tena Protective Underwear Super Plus Mens (Size 32" - 50" Waist)
72003100   Tena Serenity Active Liner Regular - Case of 156
48203100   Tena Serenity Active Ultra Thin Pads Long - Case of 144
10053100   Tena Serenity Active Ultra Thin Regular Pads - Case 180
52073100   Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Long Pads - Case of 128
Tena-Heavy-Long-Pads   Tena Serenity Heavy Long Pads
Tena-Heavy-Pads   Tena Serenity Heavy Pads
Tena-Pads-Moderate   Tena Serenity Pads Moderate
46903100   Tena Serenity Pads Moderate Long - Case of 180
57403100-Tena-Ultimate-Night   Tena Serenity Ultimate Overnight Pads - Case of 90
49803100-Tena-Ultimate-Pads   Tena Serenity Ultimate Pads - Case of 108
55003100-Tena-Ultimate-Pads-Cs   Tena Serenity Ultimate Pads - Case of 40
64361800-Tena-Wash-and-Shampoo   Tena Skin-Caring Body Wash and Shampoo (Sold Individually)
64361809-Tena-Body-Wash-Case   Tena Skin-Caring Body Wash and Shampoo - Case of 10
37641800-Tena-Scent-Free-Wash   Tena Skin-Caring Body Wash and Shampoo - Scent-Free - Case of 6
TENA-Skin-Caring-Wash-Cream   Tena Skin-Caring Wash Cream (3 Bottle Sizes)
TENA-Small-Briefs   Tena Small Briefs - Moderate to Heavy Protection
TENA-Super-Briefs   Tena Super Briefs - Nighttime or Extended Protection (Medium - X-Large)
TENA-Super-Stretch-Briefs   Tena Super Stretch Briefs - Nighttime or Extended Protection
38103100-Tena-Sure-Stay-U-Pad   Tena Sure Stay Underpad (22.5"x23.5") Case of 150

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