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Automatic Personal Home Delivery

Receiving the products you need is now easier than ever with our customer-friendly home delivery service! When you sign up free for our Personal Home Delivery (PHD) service, YOU choose how often YOUR products are delivered, at a schedule that is most beneficial to YOU. We'll place your orders for you, while you save money and enjoy your free time!

Personal Home Delivery

How It Works

  • Choose your product or products (FREE Shipping over $50!)
  • Choose how often you want to receive these products - Every # of Days, # of Weeks, or # of Months (within a 3 month period)
  • You will receive a $5.00 and 5% discount on your 1st order, then 5% off every order afterwards
  • You're done! We'll take care of placing your orders for the duration of your PHD membership!

Personal Home Delivery Sign-Up Form

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» State:
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*Call 1-800-501-7701 for information on any unmentioned products*
Incontinence: Sold by the Case
Gloves: Sold by Box or Case
Diabetes: Sold 1 Package at a Time
Nutrition: Sold by the Case
Vitamins: Sold by the Bottle
Product Selection:
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*Once you have submitted this form, we will contact you to finalize your Personal Home Delivery service* .

Notification and Changes

  • We will send an email or phone call notification 48 hours prior to your order shipping (possibly earlier due to holidays or weekends)
  • If you need to make changes once you have signed up, please email or call toll-free 1-800-501-7701
  • Changes can be made anytime and are 100% free-of-charge, prior to your scheduled shipping day!

Experience True Convenience

Customer service is and has always been a top priority for us, and we believe that our customers deserve the absolute best service possible. With our Personal Home Delivery (PHD) service, we can offer that and more. Sign up today!
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