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Abena Incontinence Products

Abena Incontinence Products offer the highest level of protection from all forms of incontinence, providing unparalleled absorbency and unbeatable leakage security. See for yourself why Abena is considered the best in incontinence products today!

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Abena Abri Flex Special Pull Ups Abena Abri Flex Special Pull Ups - 1700 mL
Small/Medium Price $218.00


Abena Product Information

Manufactured in Denmark, Abena Incontinence Products are known around the world for having the highest quality and best protection on the market. When confidence and assurance are most important, Abena Incontinence Products are an excellent choice for active adults as well as care providers.

Abena offers three lines of superior adult incontinence products: Abena Diapers, Abena Pads, and Abena Underwear. The Abena line of incontinence pads is called Abena Abri San. Abena Abri San offers a wide selection of incontinence pads for light to medium, and medium to heavy incontinence protection. Abena Abri San also has a pad specifically designed for fecal incontinence, and can still be used to absorb up to 2000 mL of liquid. This pad is called the Abena Abri San Special. In order to properly use an Abena Abri San pad, a fitting pant is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to keep them in place comfortably and securely. These products are called Abena Abri Fix. If you are looking for protective underwear pull ups, Abena Abri Flex products can provide excellent protection and comfort. For the best protection against incontinence, Abena offers a traditional, open tape style adult diaper called Abena Abri Form adult diapers. These adult diapers offer the best absorption and leakage protection on the market. If you're ready to get the best protection against incontinence, choose Abena today!

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