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Fannypants Active Underwear Incontinence Panties

Fannypants Active Underwear Incontinence Panties are active women's wear products that provide the unique protection active women need to get through a workout, or simply to get through their day. These panties feature modern designs and innovative protection features to reliably protect women of any age with light bladder leakage. Choose from 8 designs to receive the protection and style you want and need today!

Uniquely Designed Core

Every pair of Fannypants Panties features a 4-layer core specialized for absorbing and locking away moisture. 2 microfiber layers are laid on top and bottom of a eucalyptus core, with a waterproof layer on the bottom. The microfiber layers are used to quickly absorb moisture, with each layer absorbing 7-times more moisture than cotton. The eucalyptus core then locks these fluids away, keeping the wearer dry and odor-free.

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