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Harvy Canes

Harvy Canes are some of, if not the highest quality canes on the market today. With over 107 years of expertise, you can trust Restored Living to provide the best, for the best.

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Harvy Canes and their Legacy

Harvy Surgical Supply Corporation is a fifth generation family owned business with humble beginnings and an ongoing growth as one of the world's top producers of fine-quality canes. Currently, they are the largest manufacturer of walking canes in North America.

The journey that would lead to the creation of Harvy Surgical Supply Corporation began in London, England with a man named Abraham Levy. Levy was a silversmith whose immense skill allowed him to cater to royalty. His skill was so great, it would take him only about a week per project.

Levy had a son, Harry Levy in 1882. When Harry was six months old, his father took him to America, where Harry would eventually follow in his father's footsteps, constructing umbrella handles and canes for a living. It would be five of Harry's sons that would guide the business through the depression years, changing the name of the company from Harry Levy Co. to Harvy Surgical Supply in 1964. They took the HAR- from Harry and the -VY from Levy, showing just how influential and their family origins were to them, making sure to maintain the top quality practices that started all the way back with Abraham Levy.

Harry Levy had one daughter, and it is her son, Harvey Murtha, who currently leads the fourth generation. Harvey decided to add designer canes imported from Europe and around the globe. And because of that decision, Harvy Surgical Supply Corporation became one of the top cane manufacturers in the world, renown for their exceptionally high quality canes.

Two of Harvey's sons, Paul and Scott, are following in their father's revolutionary mind-set, modernizing the business into the digital age. Due to all these efforts, Harvy Surgical Supply Corporation is the superpower that it is today.

Harvy Canes has grown so much in their 114 years of business. If there is anyone our consumers and followers can trust, it's Harvy Canes.

The Restored Living Team