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Incontinence Panties and Briefs

Restored Living is proud to offer the highest quality incontinence panties and incontinence briefs available on the market! Both Wearever and HealthDri products are reusable for hundreds of times, and provide reliable absorbency range for light to heavy incontinence. Receiving the protection you need, with the comfort of using products that look and feel like normal underwear!

  • HealthDri

    HealthDri Briefs and Panties feature elegant, classic designs, are constructed of high quality materials, and provide reliable protection against urinary incontinence.
  • CareActive

    CareActive Incontinence Panties and Briefs are superior-quality products that can be washed countless times!
  • Fannypants Active Underwear

    Fannypants Active Underwear Incontinence Panties are active women's wear products that provide the unique protection active women need!