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Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products are made for keeping you clean and healthy. We offer a number of dental, skin, and hair care products, so please browse our selection to find the right products for you.

Bathing Dental Supplies

Bath Supplies

Bath supplies range from a number of economical, yet effective shampoos and body washes for moisturizing your hair and skin. We also offer a number of bathing supplies for bed-bound or immobile patients, such as bath basins and water bags.

Dental Supplies including toothbrushes, denture care products, toothpaste, and other oral supplies.
Gloves Hair Care

Hair Care

Choose from a variety of Hair Care products according to your needs. Body wash and shampoo all-in-one options are available.

Odor Control Skin Care
Restored Living offers a number of odor neutralizing sprays for controlling odors.
Lotions, Creams, and Cleansers for all your skin health needs.
Wipes and Washcloths