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Tena Incontinence Products

Tena Incontinence Products are world renowned for their comfort, reliability and overall improvement to the lives of their customers. If you are suffering from bladder weakness, leakage or urinary incontinence, Tena products may be the answer you have been searching for.

Tena Diapers Tena Pads Tena Underwear
Tena Briefs Tena Pads Tena Underwear
  • Tena Lotions

    Tena Lotions

    Tena products not only protect users from urinary incontinence, they are also made to maintain skin integrity and easy maintenance. Dealing with incontinence is hard enough, so make it easier by trying Tena Lotions today!
  • Tena Pads

    Tena Pads

    Keeping your pads in place can be a difficult task, and that's what Tena Fitting Pads are for. Each Tena Pad fits tight and snug, as well as stretchable to allow for easy movement and a more comfortable experience.

    Making sure your incontinence pads are kept in place is essential to preventing leaks and other "mishaps." They can also make wearing incontinence pads feel more natural, allowing for total comfort. And the best part is, Tena Pads are exceptionally discreet, helping maintain user dignity and confidence.
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Tena Classic Pull Ups Tena Classic Pull Ups
Starting Price $21.75
Tena Night Super Pads Tena Night Super Pads
Case Price $68.75
Tena Day Plus Pads Tena Day Plus Pads
Case Price $77.90
Tena Day Regular Pads Tena Day Regular Pads
Case Price $65.50
Tena Day Light Pads Tena Day Light Pads
Case Price $47.50

About Tena

Tena is the worldwide leader in urinary incontinence care and products, servicing 105 countries across the globe. Tena has more than 50 years of experience with providing incontinence aids for older adults. They service both individuals and companies in an effort to help provide incontinence supplies and incontinence products, such as adult incontinence diapers. Tena provides a wide range of incontinence products, including under pads, protective underwear, Tena briefs, and pantiliners. They service both incontinence for men and women. Leading innovation, Tena products use advanced technologies ranging from Advanced Odor Protection (to fight odors) to Comfortable QuickDry topsheets (to dry urinary incontinence quickly and efficiently) to their super absorbent Lock Away Core (to give you comfort and protection for any urinary incontinence problems).

Tena is a brand of SCA, a European paper and hygiene company. With Tena, SCA is developing many great products to improve the lives and well being of people living with urinary incontinence. SCA also devolops personal care products, wood products, tissue, and papers for publication. In 2009 alone, SCA sales exceeded $14 billion and employs 45,000 people worldwide.